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A Technique Of Checking Domain Name Availability For Your Startup

The right domain name for your business/brand is crucial in today’s internet. It’s the first thing people see when they visit your site, and nothing beats a great first impression.

Almost every website you use in your day to day life has a domain name. For example, the name of a company is Twitter, while their domain name is twitter.com

There are many different kind of domain names, but all of them consist of two main parts. The label and the TLD. In the case of webhostingworld.net, the label would be globalhostingexperts.com, while the TLD is .net. Extensions or top-level domains are the strings of text that go after the label. There are millions of registered domain names.

It’s the prefix that goes at the end of a domain name. TLD stands for top-level domain. It is an integral part of a domain name.

There are many different kind: .com, .co.ke, .africa, .in, .net, etc. Every prefix stands for something specific. .org is typically used by organizations, .net by various networks, .gov by government institutions. Some TLDs like .com are used for pretty much anything, although the prefix is meant to stand for “commercial”.

How to find a domain name

Once you have decided a domain name that is less than 64 characters long, has no special characters or blank spaces, and contains only the letters A to Z, you can proceed to check its availability. While you are might use numbers and hyphens (-) in a domain name, this is not recommended, as this can confuse those are trying to find your website.

Steps to check domain name availability:

Open the domain search box:

Open the URL https://globalhostingexperts.com/register-a-domain/ — you will type your desired business name in the search box and search it. Those who have an operational company with a brand name have different options from those who are just starting up.

For those who have already named their businesses, start by typing your business name into the domain search box. You will find that your business name is unavailable with the .com or .co.ke, .africa extensions, then you can might consider another extension to get the domain that matches your business.


If you haven’t yet named your business
Those who have not named their businesses have more options when it comes to domain names. You can actually choose your business name based on which domain names are available to you. This will be helpful and also save time.


Type the name you want:

If you are thinking of the name “mybestbusinessname.com” for your business. Type this name in the search box to check the results. In a few seconds, the results will appear on the page and it will let you know if the desired domain name is “available” or already taken.

If the result is shown as “available”. Then the pricing & availability of the domain with alternate extensions is also shown.

You can also get the option “Give me more suggestions!” for the alternate extensions.

Once your domain name is registered, it builds the credibility of your business on the internet. You can further enhance the online presence of your business by registering multiple domains.


Make the online purchase:

Once you have decided, add the domain name you want to your cart and make the online purchase. It is now yours to use for a website address, an email address or both. Using a registered domain name and email address gives a more professional look to your business.

If your first choice is unavailable.

Now let’s say we type “greenbox.co.ke” in the search box. The result is “webhostingworld.net is unavailable”. This means that the domain name is already registered to someone else.

Moreover, other suggestions with alternate extensions and their price are quoted below this section for you to choose if you want. You can either choose the domain name with an alternate extension or you can move on to a new domain name and check its availability.

Once your domain name is registered, it builds the credibility of your business on the internet.

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